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Body Building Requires Positive Nitrogen Balance, Protein Diet, Supplements and Vitamins

Bodybuilding is a well-known game and followed by youth worldwide.
It is not simple to get toned and well-developed muscles. It is important that you are doing enough workout and getting enough proteins and vitamins to build the extra amount of muscles required for lifting heavy weights.

Positive Nitrogen Balance
The nitrogen balance must be positive in order to build muscles.
Muscles are made up of proteins. Proteins are made up of amino acids. Amino acids release
nitrogen when they are metabolized. this released nitrogen is converted to urea by the liver and excreted in urine.

If there is less nitrogen in urine than the amount of nitrogen ingested it means there is positive nitrogen balance and the amino acids taken in the diet are used in building muscles.

so achievement of Positive nitrogen balance is necessary for bodybuilding. it can be achieved by
1. heavier workout
2. Taking protein rich diet and supplements
3. taking adequate amount of vitamins ( because vitamins are necessary for building muscles)
4. Maintaining a good mood and well being.

Our body has excellent adapting qualities. when a person exerts more our body do some measurements to help the person the do his work efficiently provided that the raw materials for taking measurements are available.


when a person lifts heavier and heavier weights. The body increases the muscle mass to assist the lift next time. provided that enough protein and vitamins are available for building mass

if there is more nitrogen in output than input it reflects Negative Nitrogen Balance. it means more tissues are degrading than building and the person becomes weak. it occurs in pathological conditions.

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