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Menopausal Syndrome - Hormone Replacement Therapy

menupausal syndrome-hormone-replacement-therapy

You will Face Menopausal Syndrome for sure.

At menopause ovarian function ceases.
before menopause ovary releases at least two important hormones.
1. Estrogens
2. Progesterones

After menopause female experiences deficiency of these hormones and suffer a number of physical and psychological consequences.

some of these are;

1. hot flushes, chilly sensation,, inappropriate sweating, faintness, numbness of limbs, pains and aches, vaginal dryness, vulval shrinkage, vaginitis, itching, urinary urgency , predisposition to urinary tract infection, weakening of bones, minimal trauma fractures, thinning drying and loss of elasticity of skin, wrinkles, cognitive disturbances, irritability, depressed mood, loss of libido and self confidence , anxiety and dementia.

This is serious. It means a woman actually gets old after menopause.

But there is a solution to avoid these problems

In this therapy, the estrogens and progesterone which are not produced by the ovaries in a significant amount are given exogenously through injection, tablet forms or by transdermal patches.

HRT is highly efficacious in suppressing the menopausal and postmenopausal symptoms (stated above).

If you are at your menopause then visit your doctor and ask him whether you should start HRT or not.

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