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Fetal Skull Diameters, Diameter Of Skull Of Fetus at Time Of Delivery,

Dr. Adil R, MBBS

Fetal Skull Diameters
skull diameters of fetus
Occipito-mental diameter = 13cm
Occipito-mental diameter diameter is the largest diameter, if baby is presented in this position it often require surgical interventions. Such presentation is also known as brow presentation.

Submento-bregmatic diameter = 9.5cm
This diameter is presented in face presentation of baby, it means face is the first thing which is visible through vagina during delivery. Normally vertex area of the fetal head is the first thing which is seen.

Vertex presentation diameters:
Occipito-frontal diameter = 11.5cm
This is the diameter which is presented in less flexed head, (vertex presentation)

Suboccipito-bregmatic diameter = 9.5cm
This is the diameter which is presented in well flexed head, and in normal delivery. (vertex presentation)

The antero-posterior diameter of pelvic outlet is 13.5 cm in normal pelvis

The antero-posterior diameter of pelvic inlet in 11.0 cm in normal pelvic
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